Creating H5P Content from your Question Bank

Creating H5P column from question bank category

With Open Learner's the new H5P question bank tool you can create H5P from existing questions in your LMS question bank. Individual question can be individually be converted into  a H5P content type that provides the same type of questions or multiple questions may be added as sub content to support content types that are designed to include those questions.

To access these tools, create a free account with From your dashboard you should see a Question bank icon. If you click, that you will be able to create or import questions in the question bank or import them from other systems. If you click the Content bank icon, you will be taken to the H5P storage area where you can create new H5P content types from scratch or create content types by importing questions from the Question bank.

New content is created clicking the Add button and selecting the appropriate option.  If you select one of the standard content types for H5P, you we be given the usual form H5P form to create new content . Toward the end of the list are options to create new content from the question bank. Selecting Import single question presents a form to select a question bank category and then a question from that category. When the form is saved, the H5P is created from the question and displayed in the content bank. Changes can be made by editing it there. When finished it can be download and used elsewhere.