H5P Content Types Question Format

H5P content database page

The H5P Content Type question format that has been developed on Open Learner, is now available to be installed plugin the Moodle plugin database directly on any Moodle 3.5+ site. This adds the ability to import files H5P content files directly into the question back on those systems. Questions that were contained in H5P content are then available to be included in quizzes and activities natively on those system.

Teachers that do not have access to easily install the plugin on their system, you can create an account on Open Learner LMS and request a course to utilize this plugin and other related functionality.  After importing the questions, they can be exported as a file and imported into learning management systems either another site or other systems that are compatible with importing the particular question types.

Open Learner LMS also has some innovative features now being developed to enable easy creation of H5P from questions in the question bank. This functionality is not currently available to install in other systems, but since H5P content is reusable, you can download it and easily transfer it to any system that supports the display of H5P content.